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Southern Inspection & Testing

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Listing of Services for GPR:

Concrete Scanning
Electrical Line Detection
Bridge Inspection
Core DrillingGeological SurveysUnderground Tank Location

Testing and inspection often is required on both freshly-mixed and hardened concrete on large-scale construction projects. Southern Inspection assists our customers in identifying that their concrete applications are free of flaws and deficiencies. We also can assist in identifying sub-surface obstacles contained within existing concrete forms.

We provide concrete coring services utilizing the latest drilling equipment ensuring organized and accurate testing methods. These tests can be conducted through existing rod reinforcements without disruption. Coring equipment is available in several diameters for use with any project requirements. Underground imaging services we offer can piggyback coring to provide a complete picture of permanent concrete integrity. Our capabilities include both vertical and horizontal coring.

Ground-penetrating radar is another concrete application that uses radar pulses to provide images of the subsurface. Our technicians detect reflected signals from subsurface structures to isolate objects, material changes, voids and cracks.

Post-tension cable repair is another service offered to customers who require repair of concrete structures due to cable dysfunction. Cables used in construction projects are tensioned prior to the removal of building forms. Damage to a post-tension cables can cause failure further damaging the structure, adjacent property and could cause physical harm.

Our customers often request initial visual materials inspection both on site and in the field for concrete projects. Our breadth of industry knowledge ensures proper identification of material conditions adhering to construction standards. If our staff identifies complex issues requiring further testing, it will be immediately reported to you. No matter how hard to reach your inspection site may be, Southern Inspection can get the job done.


Geological Surveys

Southern Inspection also provides geological survey services to our customers. This work is performed using ground-penetrating radar and is capable of providing utility location services. Our methods use ground-penetrating radar to provide images of the complete subsurface. These images identify objects, material changes, voids, cracks and existing utility infrastructure