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Southern Inspection & Testing

Metallurgical Testing

List of Services for Metallurgical Testing:

Positive Material Identification (PMI)Corrosion Testing
Ferrite Testing
Hardness  MicroetchChemical Analysis

Our metallurgical testing capabilities include several processes for evaluating project materials, testing adherence, identifying contaminants and instances of material failure. This information is provided to our customers as a result of several testing mechanisms we offer.

Corrosion testing services provide the instrumentation and expertise to scientifically determine the rate and intensity at which any metal type will corrode under certain accelerated conditions. This information is critical for determining pipe wall thickness and applied to materials selection for tubes and tanks. Corrosion testing surpasses visual inspection by which it is impossible to determine a materialís interior condition. This type of testing also is beneficial with bridge supports and other types of structural steel beams and pilings. This service is necessary to avoid dangerous structural failures on construction applications and completed projects.

Southern Inspection also has the capability to create high-end machined products according to our customerís specifications. Our knowledge of material specification and construction codes ensures the most suitable end product for tools, parts and repair work requested by our customers. Our skilled craftsman work with the best machining tools and equipment necessary for inspection testing projects.

Our customers often request initial visual materials inspection from our facility, on site and in remote work environments. Our breadth of industry knowledge ensures proper and accurate identification of material conditions. If our staff identifies complex issues requiring further testing, it is immediately reported to our customers. No matter how hard to reach your inspection site may be, Southern Inspection can get the job done.