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Southern Inspection & Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
List of Services for NDT:

Boroscope TestingDye PenetrantLeak Testing
Mag ParticlePhased Array Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Video Inspection

Our non-destructive testing services provide a range of analysis and techniques utilized to evaluate the properties of materials and components within an established system or structure that causes no permanent alteration. In the industry these methods also are referred to as non-destructive examination and Southern Inspection offers all of the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques to gather materials information.

Often the perfect application is the use of liquid dye penetrant which can determine failures and imperfections in utilized materials. Our inspectors first clean the materials to be tested which are then coated with a visible or fluorescent dye solution. A developer is then applied which highlights flaws in the material that cannot be seen in visual inspections.

We also offer hardness testing which determines metal hardness in order to meet industry standards and project requirements. Southern Inspection is one of the best in the business when it comes to this testing application paying great attention to structure preparation and sample extraction. All testing is done in a controlled environment to preserve the integrity of the metal. We perform a range of tests on incoming samples including the Vicker, Rockwell and Brinell applications.

Magnetic particle inspections are another testing capability of Southern Inspection. This non-destructive test detects discontinuities both on the surface and sub-surface of all ferroelectric materials. Iron, cobalt, nickel, and all alloys can undergo magnetic particle inspection which utilizes the magnetic flux of ferrous iron particles. These particles ultimately identify any surface or sub-surface discontinuity.

Positive materials identification is another service we provide. These measures can ensure proper material selection including corrosion resistance and compliance to codes and industry standards. We can determine the exact composition of alloys and provide a material fingerprint on state-of-the-art mobile testing equipment.

Our ultrasonic testing capabilities utilize high frequency sound energy to collect material information. With this technology, Southern Inspection can detect material flaws, measurements, dimensions, and characteristics all while making no permanent alterations to an existing structure or project in progress.

Our ultrasonic testing capabilities also extend into phased array testing. Southern Inspection is equipped with phased array resources to measure material thickness, weld inspections, manual UT-shear wave and more. Proper applications for phased array testing include power plants, utility facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants and transmission towers. These essential structures must meet stringent industry codes and we will detect any defects in both structure surface and sub-surface caused by fatigue, corrosion or wear.

Another non-destructive testing mechanism offered to our customers is our X-ray method. Our capabilities include onsite X-ray testing and completion of testing in our facility. Our mobile units are equipped with processing information to complete testing in the field and provide immediate results to our customers on site.

Our customers often request initial visual materials inspection both on site and in the field. Our breadth of industry knowledge ensures proper identification of material conditions adhering to non-destructive testing standards. If our staff identifies complex issues requiring further testing, it will be immediately reported to you. No matter how hard to reach your inspection site may be, Southern Inspection can get the job done.