Leak Testing

Southern Inspection & Testing provides on-site services for leak testing applications in many types of environments. We support various size construction projects, on-going maintenance projects, testing at welding fabrication facilities, and also, one time applications. We also provide laboratory testing services at our facility.

Our ANST certified technicians have the ability to perform leak location and quantified leakage measurement testing. Testing can be performed in accordance with ASTM standards, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code, API codes and to ANSI N14.5 standards.

In addition, our Test Engineer can prepare a testing procedure to meet the customer's specifications.

Our personnel are qualified as Level I, II, or III in accordance with ASNT-TC-1A , ANSI/ANST CP-189, and NAS-410. Training can require as much as 80 hours of formal classroom training, and as much as four years of leak testing experience. Technician qualifications are performed by our ASNT certified Level III examiner.

Testing staff are qualified in methods such as helium mass spectrometer, pressure change/measurement, ultrasonic, thermal conductivity, bubble, and halogen diode.



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