Tube Sheet Mock Ups
Tube Sheet Mock-Ups Test - Before undertaking the actual tube expansion work, a mock-up model shown below is made up using the same material and design that is proposed for the full-size heat exchanger and tested for the reliability of the tube-to-tubesheet joints. The test specimens are full-size tube and a test block that models the tubesheets. Process parameters were established by mock-up trials. The joining process was qualified by dye penetrant test, helium or pnuematic leak test, pull out test, and microetching tests of the welds to ascertain minimum leak path. The test measure tube-to-tubesheet strength that is pullout or pushout (shear load) strength and leak tightness, and anchorage for grooved tubesheets. Pullout strength is the axial force required to break the "bond" between the tube  and the tubesheet. The shear load tests subjects the specimens to axial loads until either the tube or the tubesheet joint fails.



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