Welders Testing

Welder qualification tests are used to determine the ability of welders and welding operators to make sound welds, and are used in welder certification. Organizations qualify welders or welding operators for each welding process used in production welding.

Weld testing involves performing tests on a weld to confirm that results meet the requirements specified in a procedure. The results of weld testing are used to qualify a welder to a stated procedure, often as part of pre-employment screening or for welder certification, by ensuring that the skills of the welder meet code and/or the company’s standards. There are a number of organizations that have certified welding programs. Those organizations include the American Welding Society (AWS) typically dealing with structural codes for buildings and bridges and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) dealing with boiler and pressure vessel codes.

We offers independent, third-party weld testing and welder qualification services for certification and welding procedure qualification. All of the required weld testing and inspections are provided to verify that the weld procedure was followed properly, correct filler material was used and the weld joint lines up accurately.

Welders test on plate or pipe. We offer a complete review of welder qualification needs to ensure the most economical testing possible. Testing offered SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, GMAW and Automatic Welding.

Testing can be performed in-house, at customer's facility or job-site.

Our full scope of capabilities include the following:
  • Welder Qualification Testing for performance qualification and welder certification to ASME, ANSI, AWS and API code, DNV, Military standards and Lloyd's of London.
  • Preparation of Welding Procedure Qualification as per client or project requirements
  • Documentation of the Welding Procedure Qualification in a Certified Test Report as per ASME, ANSI, AWS and API code, DNV, Military standards and Lloyd's of London.
  • Coupon Testing as per Welding Procedure Qualification which includes visual examination, mechanical testing, metallographic examination and nondestructive testing
  • All testing is performed by a certified CWI Inspector.

We are a full-service weld test and welder qualification provider with complete in-house resources to turn your order around quickly and reliably. The lab also has a full-service Machine Shop equipped with band saws and CNC milling, turning and grinding centers to handle any size weld coupon.

Please contact us for more information on how Southern Inspection & Testing can assist you with your welder testing needs.



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