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Southern Inspection & Testing

Utility Locating

A Utility Locator should be used to locate utilities before excavation begins. Whether it is on a right-of-way, private property or on a construction project, it is important to know what lies beneath the surface. There are many conditions that make it difficult to determine what has gone on in the past ...drawings and as-builts get lost, are not updated as installation conditions require repositioning of utilities or services, ...utilities and services are installed without tracer wires or trace mechanisms. All of this can make it difficult to know what lies ahead of the excavation without a utility locates survey.

Why We Use GPR

It is a very beneficial tool to assist for utility locates in the conditions stated above. With its Real-Time capability it is possible for our GPR Survey Technicians to locate utilities and mark utilities and services within minutes of arriving at the site. Using GPR our technician can mark-out metallic, concrete, plastic conduits and other utilities and services indicating position and depth to the object and map utilities on a site plan.

Our Utility Locate Methods

Our GPR Survey Technicians often collect data for the utility locating survey area in a grid format. A GPR survey grid means that more area is covered and unknown objects can be discovered and ensure full coverage of the area. Traditional (EM) electromagnetic locate equipment requires the transmitting antenna be in line with the utility, if you are using induction mode, or they may be missed. GPR does not have this requirement so utilities running in an obscure direction can be identified. Once we have collected the GPR data we can produce 3D mapped reports with interpreted locations and depths of the anomalies located plotted to scale. This can be beneficial in congested areas for identifying utilities and also for pre-engineering purposes. It's always a good idea to contact your local utility companies or "One Call" service first to have them identify where the main utility lines are located before we do a comprehensive GPR utility locates survey by one of our trained utility locators.