Southern Inspection has developed a reputation for providing expertise, integrity and pin-point accuracy delivered by the highest-caliber inspectors and technicians in the industry. For more than two decades, we have provided metallurgical testing, non-destructive testing, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) for concrete testing and coring, and geological surveys, as well as welding procedures & services for construction projects of any scope and size. If your project includes a need to locate subsurface structures, ensure the stability of project components or identify hazards within your project footprint, Southern Inspection stands ready to help you achieve your project goals. Details of the services we offer are provided here and if you require any more information about our capabilities, you can reach our Harvey, LA. office at (504) 347-1752 or Toll free (844) 347-1752.


Rebar Location
Post Tension Cable Detection
3D Mapping
Concrete Scanning
Utility Line Detection
Bridge Inspection
Core Drilling
Geological Surveys
Underground Tank Location


Positive Material Identification (PMI)Corrosion Testing
Ferrite Testing
Hardness Testing
  MicroetchChemical Analysis


Boroscope TestingDye PenetrantLeak Testing
Mag ParticlePhased Array Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Video Inspection


Bend Testing
Charpy Impact
Tensile Testing
Tube Sheet Mock Ups
Welding Procedures
Welders Testing



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