Check out the wide variety of inspection projects we’ve completed. Our top priority is delivering the most satisfactory results to our clients.

  1. Benetech Pump Station # 6GPR 6/28/11 & Benetech Pump Station # 8GPR 6/09/11
  2. Innovative Construction Services (Covington Strip Mall Buffalo Wild Wings) 9/21/11 GPR to Locate Rebar in Cinder Block Wall.
  3. Horizon General Contractors (Pizza Hut 9/21/11) GPR to Locate Post Tension Cable
  4. Dynamic Tower Services (AT&T Canal Alpha Project) 9/15/11 GPR / Core Drill and Installing Bolts For Light PolesIn Parking Garage
  5. Industrial & Mechanical Construction (GPR & Core Drilling Sheraton Hotel 3D Grid Scans plus Line Scans of a 2′ X 2″ Area)
  6. Walton Core (GPR & Core Drilling) LSU Medical Center. Floor and Wall Scans to mark post tension cable and concrete cover depth.
  7. Cordes Electric(GPR & Core Drilling) Sheraton Hotel, Marriott Hotel. GPR Inspection + Electrical Locating
  8. Southern Heat Exchange (Tube Sheet Mock Ups)
  9. Eustus Engineering (AWS Welding Inspection) WWII Museum.
  10. Boh Bros (Locate Pilings) Napoleon Ave. Canal GPR 1st , 2nd, 3rd, Floor of project # 5438
  11. Industrial & Mechanical Construction( GPR and Core Drilling Sheraton Hotel